Nordic Walking – Barcelona Coast & Mountains

Nordic Walking – Barcelona Coast & Mountains

Come to Calella and enjoy a fantastic Nordic Walking Holiday in the beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea.

For 5 days we will show you some of the many treasures of the Montnegre Natural Park. We will walk beside the sea, breathing the healthy marine breeze and enjoying of the awesome views from the mountains. You will have a typical Catalan lunch in the mountains and of course, you will also get the chance to spend some time relaxing on the beautiful beach too!

Our friendly English spoken local guides are ready and excited to show you some beautiful and unknown locations. Places that most tourists visiting the area will never see. The difficulty and distance of the walking routes will be adapted to your fitness level. As well as experiencing the benefits of Nordic walking, on this hiking holiday you will also discover our secret ingredient to a happy life: our climate and our Mediterranean life style!

The geographical location determines the climate and the vegetation covering these mountains, and the proximity of the sea provides a certain degree of extra humidity, especially in summer. This, together with the thermal contrast between shady and sunlit slopes, encourages a richness of flora unseen elsewhere in Europe. Because of the greater humidity in some areas, oaks, chestnuts trees, alders, and even certain beeches and birches also abound in the higher, shadier parts of the park. In the lower areas of the mountain ranges, kermes oak, brushwood and grasslands are to be found, along with communities of wild plants that are gradually taking over old abandoned fields.

The special location of the coastal ranges, running parallel to the sea and aligned with the migratory routes of birds, makes this an excellent place to observe the changing of the seasons, particularly in spring and autumn. Man has been present in these mountains since early history, and the exceptional geographical location and the rich natural resources were appreciated as far back as the late Neolithic times.

Although this is being promoted as a Nordic Walking Holiday, if you prefer to walk without poles, you are more than welcome to join us in Spain.


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